Jayden Fey started out as a young photographer specialising in story telling images and unique color grading. After shooting various models all over the world for top modelling agencies like IMG New York, NY models and New Generation Model MGMT - he was considered a talented photographer and people person with a grounded approach and a good sense of humor being able to connect with different people. In his career as photographer, cinematography was always part of his journey. Today he is focussed on taking film directing as his primary profession. Even though Jayden is a RED camera owner - the high-end equipment never impressed him. He is 100% dedicated to every project but simultaneously a true believer of making it work with the tools you got. He prioritises storytelling, planning and especially adapting on set as the most important thing resulting as a healthy stressfactor in delivering the best results. ''We'll always chase our imagination - knowing that we'll never really catch it.'' His passion for visuals started out from a young age. Storytelling resulted in a career as film director which currently drives him to make short films.